tear trough filler in Bedford

Tear Troughs are areas under the eye along the bone which appear hollow and sunken, and can result in tired looking eyes and dark circles. By filling this area with a dermal filler the appearance of the dark circles and hollows can be dramatically reduced making the eyes look brighter and rejuvenated.

Tear Troughs can be treated with Amalian Smoothline or with Restylane Perlane.

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Amalian dermal implants

The innovative manufacturing method of amalian hyaluronic acid gels was developed on the basis of more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of sterile hyaluronic gels to be used in ophthalmic surgery and is characterized by very specific properties:

  • Strong volume increasing effect
  • High stability in the skin
  • Easy inject ability despite high structural viscosity
  • Prolongation of the viscoaugmentative effect
  • As a result, considerably prolonged duration
  • Less filler material required
  • Excellent flow properties

In addition, the amalian hyaluronic acid system offers all advantages of a classic hyaluronic acid treatment:

  • Fully degradable
  • Free of animal components
  • No undesired long term effects
  • Excellent biocompatibility (clinically proven)
  • No allergy risk
  • No allergy test required

For all amalian gels it is in common the requirement to inject smaller amounts compared to standard fillers despite the fact that these gels are easier to inject, and it is important not to inject them too close to the surface. But on the other hand, they keep the effect for a longer time up to 8 to 12 months and are of high biocompatibility.

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