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plaque doesn't only attack your teeth...

Last year in the UK*...

  • 124,000 heart attacks led to 82,000 deaths
  • 2.7 million people were living with heart disease
  • 43,000 deaths were caused by strokes
  • Research shows links between gum disease and heart disease

As we age, so do our arteries. The build-up of plaque gradually solidifies – blocking our arteries – increasing the likelihood of heart attacks or strokes.

This is why Young At Heart™ developed its Artery Age Screening. And why your dentist now offers Artery Health Checks here.

It's as straight-forward as having your blood pressure taken. Your Screening Consultant will explain the results to you. And offer advice on how you can address any problems with the health of your arteries.

When you check the state of plaque on your teeth every 6 months, why not do so for your arteries?

It could be the best investment you've ever made in your quality of life. Repaying you with younger arteries - longer life - and peace of mind.

help prevent a Heart Attack or Stroke - Book your Artery Health Check Now - call us on 01234 352069 or email info@5deparysdental.co.uk.

  • Safe and simple
  • Affordable
  • Non-invasive
  • Could change your life – even save it

Your diet, level of activity and lifestyle all affect how efficiently your heart pumps precious oxygen-rich blood around your body, keeping cells functioning properly.

If plaque solidifies in your arteries, your Artery Age could be far older than your chronological age, potentially shortening your life expectancy. But how can you tell what’s going on inside?

The traditional method requires a hospital visit and potential surgery – and is only identified when you present symptoms of potential cardiovascular problems.

Young At Heart™ uses the latest technology in its Artery Health Check to measure the stiffness of your arteries to reveal your Artery Age.

The non-invasive test takes minutes; it’s similar to having your blood pressure taken. Results are immediate and are given to you during the 30 minute consultation. During this the Screening Consultant will give you valuable lifestyle information about how to reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Young At Heart™ believes our arteries require a six monthly routine check similar to dental and hygiene checkups.

Young At Heart™ is a dynamic wellness company dedicated to helping people live longer, healthier lives through raised awareness, cutting-edge technology and natural prevention.

Using its simple and affordable Artery Health Check, supported by lifestyle education, Young At Heart™ is helping to reduce the nation’s risk of heart attacks and strokes. Delivering younger arteries - longer life - quality of life - peace of mind.

help prevent a Heart Attack or Stroke - Book your Artery Health Check Now - call us on 01234 352069 or email info@5deparysdental.co.uk.

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